7IL Boarding Stables

Boarding Fees / Stall Options

  • All 12x12 stalls are complete with a joining 3'x4' private tack locker.  Your horse has ample storage space for it's saddle, bridle, boots, horsy care equipment, etc.  This tack locker has a combination lock provided by stable for extra security. 
  • Each stall has a 60' run /  paddock for exercising and socializing. 
  • All stalls are equipped with a rubber floor mat, automatic waters, hay and grain feeders. 
  • 2 feedings per day of grain (in a quantity specified by the owner) and horse quality coastal Bermuda grass hay. 
  • Daily pasture turnout (day or night). 
  • Indoor Wash / Clipping Stalls with cement flooring, hot & cold water, electrical outlets and cross ties. 
  • Fly Control System for animal comfort. 
  • All horses wormed every three months at NO Extra expense. 
  • Restroom, Lounge - Refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee Maker, Sink and First Aide.  
  • Veterinarians on call 24-7, 3 clinics within 10 minutes from stables. 
  • Use of the 100 x 216 lighted sand arena, 60' round pen and 1,150 acres of horse only trails. 
  • Free trailer parking / storage for first trailer. 
  • Stalls are cleaned daily.

Stall with a 12'x60' paddock          $ 400 per month

Stall with a 16'x 60' paddock         $ 420 per month

Stall with a 20'x60' paddock          $ 440 per month

Pasture Board (feed, hay, shelter, trees,  deworming, 4.5 acres)  $275 per month